We are now accepting proposals for presentations on any aspect of institutional research, effectiveness, and planning, with a focus on the theme, “Data Roundup”. Dates of the conference are Tuesdays, October 18th through Friday, October 22nd, 2022. Presentations will be on October 18th – October 20th, with the final day, October 21st, being a morning business meeting and breakfast.


  • Research and practice presentations: live sessions about 25-30 minutes long.
  • Panel discussions: A group of presenters answering questions informally, led by a moderator—discussions will be 55 minutes long.
  • Workshops: sessions that are a half day long describing tools and techniques with participation of attendees.

Proposal Guidelines

Submit proposals to meet one of the three styles: research and practice presentations; panel discussions; or workshops.

A committee of peers will evaluate all proposals. Proposals will be reviewed for relevance, thoroughness, and clarity.

Additional notes: In addition to the required elements specific to each style listed below, provide any other information or details that the proposal reviewers will need to know beforehand. 

Research and practice presentation proposals should include the following elements:

  • Presentation title (25-word limit)
  • Presentation abstract (100-word limit) – A brief description for the conference program.
  • Presentation summary (400-word limit) – Extended description of proposal for committee review.

Panel discussion and workshop proposals should include the above elements, plus:

  • Presentation plan (50-word limit) – A brief description that provides an overview of expected panel or audience involvement. Interactive presentations, especially for workshops, are highly encouraged.

Please submit your portal as a doc or pdf file attached to the submission form.
Link to submit proposals. If you have any questions regarding proposal submission, please contact the planning committee, at conference@rmair.org.