RMAIR Emeritus Members

Prior 1999

Alan Clark Ricks College
Mark Meredith University of Colorado, Boulder


Virginia Feagler University of Northern Colorado
Lee Stenquist Utah State University
Risdon Weston U.S. Air Force Academy


Jan Brown University of Nevada, Reno
Jim Oloman University of Montana


Ken Brown University of Arizona
Bruce Higley Brigham Young University
Cel Johnson Formerly of Montana State University
Paul Wilken Metropolitan State College


Susan Jones University of Wyoming


John Porter Formerly of Arizona State University


Paul Rasmussen Snow College
Denise Sokol University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
Rich Jacobs Utah State University
Miriam Meyer University of New Mexico


Jacki Stern Community College of Denver, Regis University, University of Colorado, WICHE, Colorado Commission on Higher Education
Connie Brizuela University of Wyoming
Ron Jernigan San Juan College, New Mexico


Mavis O’Connor Colorado State University


Candice Guzie New Mexico State University
Greg Appling Aims Community College
Virginia Moore University of Nevada at Reno


Sarah Lindquist Arizona State, Former RMAIR President
Kari Coburn University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Former RMAIR President
Diane Muntal University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Former RMAIR President
Richard Howard University of Arizona, Former IR Director
Jim Rimpau Montana State University
Archie George University of Idaho, Former RMAIR President


Marcia Belcheir Boise State University, Former RMAIR President
Fred Lillibridge New Mexico State University, Former RMAIR President
Wendy Miley University of Arizona, Former RMAIR President


Mark Chisholm University of New Mexico
Hans L’Orange State Higher Education Executive Officers
Robert Loveridge Utah Valley University

In Remembrance:


Steve Chambers (August 20th) Coconino Community College


Larry Hunter (August 22nd) University of Idaho


Ron Hagerman (May 8th) Brenau University


Per the RMAIR By-laws: Emeritus members shall be nominated prior to the annual Conference. At the business meeting, such nominations shall be voted upon and these individuals shall become official emeritus members upon receiving a simple majority of those voting. Emeritus members cannot hold elective office in RMAIR. Emeritus members shall pay only the direct conference cost (food, etc.) within the conference registration fee. Furthermore, any annual membership fee shall be waived for emeritus members.