Past Presidents of Rocky Mountain AIR

RMAIR Presidents

2022-23 Mark Perkins University of WYoming
2021-22 Dwan Ressel University of Montana
2020-21 Vicky Morris-Dueer University of Dallas
2019-20 Lisa Smith Northwest College
2018-19 Christina Drum University of Nevada – Las Vegas
2017-18 Dawn Kenney Central New Mexico Community College
2016-17 Dianna Renz Western Wyoming Community College
2015-16 Joe Curtin Utah System of Higher Education
2014-15 Jeff Johnson Utah Valley University
2013-14 Ann Murray Laramie County Community College
2012-13 Nicolas Valcik University of Texas at Dallas/West Virginia University
2011-12 Mary Beth Worley Dona Ana Community College
2010-11 Lisa Muller University of Wyoming
2009-10 Archie George University of Idaho
2008-09 Mark Chisholm University of New Mexico
2007-08 Dawn Kenney Central New Mexico Community College
2006-07 Sue Koller University of Wyoming
2005-06 Wendy Kappy University of New Mexico
2004-05 Brian Shuppy Weber State University
2003-04 Kathy Chandler-Henry Colorado Mountain College
2002-03 Wendy Miley University of Arizona
2001-02 Connie Brizuela University of Wyoming
2000-01 H. Bruce Higley Brigham Young University
1999-00 Jacki Stirn Community College of Denver
1998-99 Fred Lillibridge Dona Ana Branch Community College
1997-98 Hans L’Orange University of Colorado
1996-97 Diane Muntal University of Nevada – Las Vegas
1995-96 Kenneth Brown University of Arizona
1994-95 Susan Jones University of Wyoming
1993-94 Ron Hagerman Spokane Falls Community College
1992-93 Larry Hunter University of Idaho
1991-92 Denise Sokol University of Colorado-Denver
1990-91 Kari Coburn University of Nevada – Las Vegas
1989-90 Sara Lindquist Arizona State University
1988-89 Richard Jacobs First RMAIR President

Note: Prior to 1986 the local arrangements chair for the upcoming conference was responsible for taking care of the organization’s business.