Something New On the Horizon

Welcome to the first-ever Panorama blog post! I am Sarah Smith, your Panorama editor. I am a data analyst at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, WY and have been in this position since November 2013. I became Panorama editor at the Denver AIR Forum in May 2015. RMAIR recently decided to shift Panorama into the blogosphere since the officially published newsletters had become difficult to maintain. A big shout-out to all those folks who worked diligently to publish the Panorama newsletters for so many years!

The overarching goal of the Panorama blog is to act as a communication hub that promotes a friendly spirit of unity and cooperation among RMAIR members. Panorama differs from the RMAIR listserv in that the listserv contains posts on job vacancies, meeting minutes, and specific questions posed by RMAIR members to the RMAIR community. The Panorama blog, however, aims to present an idea, a bit of research, a state of affairs in IR offices, IR-related jokes and ironies – anything that can come across as thought-provoking or stress-relieving in no more than 300-500 words (for your reference, this particular post is under 250 words). Let’s keep these posts short and sweet so everyone can fit reading and writing them into their busy days! The goal is one post a month with the potential to post more often in the future.

What would you like to see in the Panorama blog? What do you expect to get out of it? Let’s see what you think!