Community Correlations: Institutional Analysis at the University of Utah

By Erika Hill, Senior Research Analyst, University of Utah

Institutional Analysis [IA] at the University of Utah has evolved substantially since we welcomed the RMAIR Conference to Salt Lake City in 2013. A new director, development of a partner office in Institutional Data Management and Visualization [IDMV], and a recent restructure that merged IDMV with IA have helped to bring the office to the forefront of data reporting and analysis. Led by Director Mike Martineau, our eight person team consists of two main areas of focus: Data and Reporting & Research and Analytics. The Data and Reporting area is primarily responsible for federal and state reporting, external surveys, and process automation. Jenna Link manages this group while Susan Schaefer provides database support and expertise. Breanne Humphries serves as our resident Tableau guru and Ben White is our self-proclaimed “King of Surveys.”

The other half of the IA team is Research & Analytics. Senior Analysts Joyce Garcia and Erika Hill have primary responsibility for the ad hoc requests, longer-term projects, as well as research involving deeper-levels of analysis. Moreover, they serve as strategic thought partners and data evangelists for many constituencies on campus. The Student Data Warehouse Analysts Scott Mikos and Luis Oquendo each work with a group of colleges as their dedicated data person and help provide descriptive and inferential analyses to help influence decisions on the college level.

The exciting and strategic restructuring of IA was in direct response to the increasing demand for relevant data and analysis by our administration, namely our CFO, Cathy Anderson, and our Provost, Ruth Watkins. Under their direction and that of Mark Winter, the recently appointed Executive Director over the Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis, IA will continue to play the increasingly-important role of providing empirical evidence and analysis that influences the institution’s decisions, policies, and future.